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Mon 5th Oct 2015 - 9:40pm Gaming

Earlier this evening it was decided that 2 of our League of Legends players from SillyLittleGamers where sadly cut form the team. This decision was not taken lightly and out of respect for the players we will not go into any further details about the reasons why they where cut form the team, but we will give an brief over view about the standing of the team and where it is at.

The 2 players that where sadly cut, are the Mid laner Trouble and the ADC JOJO, we felt that a change in this area was a necarsseryto improve current standings in team moral and also team play, not to say they where holding the team back just that certain things where not working out they way we had planned. We do how ever are glad to announce that quick replacements where made for the 2 players we lost and will be scrimming for the next few weeks to see how the team binds together and to Iron out things that the team needs working on. But if you would like to try out for the team or one of our other teams headover to the forums page and click on the recruitment thread. Here you will find all you need to know about the requirements and the information we will need from you.


For more information about the teams. Development will be posted in the near future so stay tuned to find out more about us.

 Thanks for Reading,


      Co-Founder / Manager of SillyLittleGamers.



Reece Tappenden

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